Hi, I’m Susanne Winberg.

Bach-flowers-online.org is my website for sharing the Bach Flower Cards, that I created. I have been working with Bach Flower essences for years. For me they have been one of the most important tools to find inner peace and healing. Another essential instrument that I use for connecting with my inner voice and intuition are oracle cards.

In spring 2013 I had the idea of illustrating Bach Flower essences since I wanted to combine the method of Bach Flower essences and oracle cards, but didn’t find cards to work with. So I started painting pictures of the Bach Flowers that touched me most and decided to keep doing this for all the 38 essences (which came out as a bigger project than I thought!). It is a great way to dive deep into the meaning of every flower essence and I am happy to share them with you on this website. Hopefully you enjoy my Bach Flower Cards as much as I do and  find them helpful to connect with the positive aspects of the Bach Flowers.

Some more words about me: I am a mother of two little one and a self-taught artist. After growing up in East Germany, traveling, studying cultural anthropology, working in the field of online marketing for some years, living for two years in a yoga ashram and diving deeply into Bach Flowers and other healing modalities, I ended up moving to Sweden with my wonderful husband. Who knows, what awaits me here in this country with large woods, fresh air and long winters. It is definitely an inspiring place for me to be.

I really appreciate your feedback on my Bach Flower Cards and hope to hear from you!






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