The Bach Flower Oracle Card Deck
***Printed Edition***

The perfect cards to display the Bach Flower Remedies.


With the Bach Flower Oracle cards you can:

♥ Learn the meaning and potential of the Flower Essences in a fun and quick way

♥ Draw Bach Flowers intuitively and give readings for yourself and others

♥ Make somebody a very lovely present

♥ Use them to work with clients and kids as a Bach Flower Practitioner

♥ Display your current Bach Flower mixture with colorful and strong images & words

Bach Flower Oracle Cards by Susanne Winberg

You will receive a beautiful, high quality oracle card deck:

  • The card deck consists of 38 colorful cards
  • Each card measures 2.5″ x 3.5″ (poker card size)
  • They come in a tuck box
  • The card deck includes a 20 page booklet with further explanation and introduction to the card deck.

Price: 27,99 $


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Bach Flower Oracle Cards by Susanne Winberg
Let the Bach Flower Oracle Cards help you on your life’s journey!

The Bach Flower Oracle card deck gives you the key to receiving the inspiring messages of the 38 Bach Flower essences.
The lovely and vibrant pictures show the positive aspects of the Bach Flowers and help you to discover hidden strengths inside of you.
Use the cards to:

  • reveal underlying patterns and emotions
  • connect you to your inner child with their colorful and magical pictures
  • to see  the potential that lies within a problem
  • and of course: pick a Bach Flower remedy intuitively


Susanne Winbergs Bach Flower Oracle Cards
(Delivery without Remedy bottles)

Happy Customers

“The cards are not only lovely – they also  feel charged with so much energy – it’s almost palpable. 

I love the simplicity of the pictures yet they are so profound and carry so much info. Each time I drew a card (I discovered the online version on Sunday) it grasped my feeling/problem/confusion right at the bottom and pinpointed it to a s

entence I never could have thought of. I was left in awe and had a nice warm feeling in my gut and there was a calmness that suddenly settled in my mind.”


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Bach Flower Oracle Cards Susanne Winberg