Is there a printed version of the Bach Flower Oracle Cards available?

Yes, I self-published the Bach Flower Oracle Cards. They come in a high quality card box, with a 50-page booklet and have a silver edging. I love to work with them and many Bach Flower therapists and lovers of the Bach Flowers as well.
I sell the cards via my website www.susannewinberg.com and the plattform Gumroad that takes care of all the taxes & offers a secure way to sell and buy. Here you find my offers: https://gumroad.com/susanne#

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In which countries do you ship the Bach Flower Oracle Cards?

I ship them to almost any country in the world. Shipping costs 5 USD for each deck – no matter the destination. You will get a tracking number. More: www.susannewinberg.com

Can I use the pictures of the cards from your website for my own website and/or presentations?

Yes you can but, please, only by giving credit in form of my name and the link to my website www.bach-flowers-online.org.
Example for giving credit (including my name and link to my website)
Credit: Bach Flower Oracle Cards from Susanne Winberg (www.bach-flowers-online.org)

Examples of where it is okay to use the pictures of the cards (by giving credit):

  • You have a website for your small business (bach flower consultations for example) and want to show people what Bach Flower Remedies are.
  • You are giving a workshop on Bach Flower Remedies and want to use the pictures in a presentation.
  • You want to share the pictures on social media (Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram…).

Examples of where it is NOT okay to use the pictures of the cards:

  • using the pics in logos
  • using the pics in books, other printing products
  • using the pics for making an oracle card deck and selling it (you may make one for your private use).
  • selling the pics (you may not use the picture of the cards for commercial use)

Privacy and your data: How do you use my information?

I use your email address to send updates whenever I am about to open the shop for the Bach Flower Oracle Cards.
Your email address won’t be shared with anyone or any other company/organisation. When you sign up for my newsletter you can unsubscribe at any time using the link in our emails.
If you have any question concering copyright issues, please contact me.



Bach Flower Oracle Cards

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8 thoughts on “FAQ

  • Reply

    Hello Susanne! I wish you all the best. I am waiting for your shop to open. I love your cards <3 Until soon!

    • Reply
      Susanne Post author

      Hi Cindy! Soon I open my shop (planning the re-opening for September 2016). Thanks for your lovely feedback, glad you like my cards! Love, Susanne

  • Reply

    Hello Sussane!

    I would like to have your beautiful flower cards, please let me know as they are available.
    Thank you!

    • Reply
      Susanne Post author

      Hello Carolina!
      This is great 🙂 You may sign up on this page for the newsletter in order to receive the notification. I plan on selling the Bach Flower Oracle Cards again in September. For special discounts and notification please get on my list. Or, you can like my Facebook Page inspirit.now to be up to date. Thank you! love, Susanne

  • Reply

    I fell in love instanty with your wonderfull cards. I can not wait to buy them!!! Please really do contact me as soon as you feel you can sell the cards again!
    All the best for you and your family!
    Very best wishes,

    • Reply
      Susanne Post author

      Hello, you can just sign up for the newsletter above on this page to get notified when I’ll open my shop.