::Is there a printed version of the Bach Flower Oracle Cards available?

Yes, I self-published the Bach Flower Oracle Cards. They come in a high quality card box, with a 50-page booklet and have a silver edging. I love to work with them and many Bach Flower therapists and lovers of the Bach Flowers as well.
I sell them through the plattform Gumroad that takes care of all the taxes & offers a secure way to sell and buy. Here you find my offers: https://gumroad.com/susanne#

::In which countries do you ship the Bach Flower Oracle Cards?

I ship them to almost any country in the world!

::Can I use the pictures of the cards from your website for my own website and/or presentations?

Yes you can but, please, only by giving credit in form of my name and the link to my website www.bach-flowers-online.org.
Example for giving credit (including my name and link to my website)

Credit: Bach Flower Oracle Cards from Susanne Winberg (www.bach-flowers-online.org)

Examples of where it is okay to use the pictures of the cards (by giving credit):

  • You have a website for your small business (bach flower consultations for example) and want to show people what Bach Flower Remedies are.
  • You are giving a workshop on Bach Flower Remedies and want to use the pictures in a presentation.
  • You want to share the pictures on social media (Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram…).

Examples of where it is NOT okay to use the pictures of the cards:

  • using the pics in logos
  • using the pics in books, other printing products
  • using the pics for making an oracle card deck and selling it (you may make one for your private use).
  • selling the pics (you may not use the picture of the cards for commercial use)

 If you have any question concering copyright issues, please contact me.

::Privacy and your data: How do you use my information?

I use your email address to send updates whenever I am about to open the shop for the Bach Flower Oracle Cards.
Your email address won’t be shared with anyone or any other company/organisation. When you sign up for my newsletter you can unsubscribe at any time using the link in our emails.

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